Relax & pamper yourself after an exciting day by stopping by our Spa. Our impeccable services and a soothing experience will bring to you and your body the vitality of energy, nurture your skin and a feeling of complete relaxation.

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Oriental Massage

An ancient traditional art, by exerting pressure on specific points of the body and by manipulating muscles and ligaments, the spine is elongated and relieved of tension. The sense of well-being as energy and flexibility are brought back into your body is extraordinary.

Facial Massage

The traditional way of purifying and nourishing your face using natural products and soft pressure point massage. This relaxing facial treatment will make your skin silky smooth, giving you a fresh and healthy feeling. Our Facial Massage is popular with men and women of all ages.

Foot Massage

A traditional Vietnamese foot massage is highly recommended to aid relaxation and promote a sense of well-being. Reflex points, relating to the organs in the body, can be found at the ankles and feet. It is a natural and traditional way to balance the body, stimulate the blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. Add a session to any Massage for increased energy balance.


Your own designed styles are well completed and ended with a head treatment.


Your nails are nicely trimmed with a file at your own choice of length and shape. A wide rang of nail polish is available.


Our therapist will trim your foot nails and cuticles to a clean look. The pedicure is finished with cream or aromatic oil. Nail polish is suitable for all wishes.

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