Traditional Art Performance

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The My Son holy land is considered the biggest and most symbolic temple.

The My Son holy land is considered the biggest and most symbolic temple complex of the Champa Kingdom running the length of the southern central coastal area. The complex is comparable to order great structures, which bear the hallmarks of Indian civilization in the Southeast Asian region like Angkor of Cambodia, bagman of Myanmar, Ayuthaya of Thailand and Borodudur of Indonesia.

Traditional Art Performance

The traditional Art Performance ( Cham Show ) becomes the signature symbolic daily show at the Hoian Pacific Hotel & Spa from 19:30 – 20:30. Do not miss a chance to enjoy the dinner on the unobstructed view guaranteed at the top of the hotel ( 6th floor ) while enjoying the lively Cham Dance, Apsara Dance, folk dance and traditional Vietnamese opera performed by our professional dancers.

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